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My name is Tyler. I'm 19. I was born in California but I currently reside in Virginia. I've loved music since I was very small; I still do, and always will. In fact when I was 13 I received my first guitar on Christmas Day, so I've been playing ever since. Ben Howard, Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Alela Diane, and so many others are heroes of mine. Reading is also a big hobby of mine. Nothing's quite as nice as a good book.


About 95% done! Just need to add water, fish, and the flag on the small castle :)


*prays for another wolf among us season*


I feel guilty for posting another selfie, but I really love my eyebrows and makeup in this one, I feel proud for nailing cosmetics because I’m usually so terrible with it.


stop being too cool to enjoy things

“I began to realize how important it was to be an enthusiast in life. If you are interested in something, no matter what it is, go at it full speed ahead. Embrace it with both arms, hug it, love it and above all become passionate about it. Lukewarm is no good.”
— Roald Dahl (via beatboxgoesthump)

There is literally only one post on this entire site with 11 million notes


It is this one. Occasionally, the original text/pic gets deleted and replaced with a gif of your OTP or that actor in that one show or a quote from that thing you like. But it’s not them. It never was them. It has always been, and always will be, a lie.

And now it’s a sick picture of a T Rex.


You’re welcome.


i swear, sometimes i just want to quit this website because of how ignorant some people are

Dʀᴀɢᴏɴ Aɢᴇ: Iɴǫᴜɪsɪᴛɪᴏɴ visuals

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this is spectacular 

this may the best post ever #10 is my favorite

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